How Do I Become a Peer Buddy?

If you know that a peer buddy or peer tutoring course already exists in your school, then go talk to the teacher in charge of the class or to your guidance counselor. There is most likely a limit on the number of peer buddies who can be in each class. It is also likely that there is an application that needs to be completed in order for you to sign up for peer buddies. The application will probably need to include teacher recommendations, so do not wait until the last minute. Check your school’s class offering catalogue to see at which grade levels you can take the course, and to see if there is a limit on the number of times that you can take it.

If you are not sure if your high school has a peer buddies course, go talk to a guidance counselor and ask about it. If there is a course, the counselor will be able to lead you to it. If there is not one, then you may play a big part in getting one started. Talk to the counselor and the special education teacher about starting one. You may be just the person that they need!

If you know that this class is one that you really want to take and may even take several times to help prepare you for your future, then make sure that you explain this to your counselor when you are planning your courses for your high school years.