As a result of all that we have learned over those 25 years, we have wholly redesigned this website to reflect the most important things for peer buddies to know and be able to do, as well as the new life opportunities that are emerging for students with significant disabilities. Here is what you will find:

  1. A “new look” website, designed for ease of navigation for both teachers and peer tutors/peer buddies.
  2. Completely revised Peer Tutor modules, including modules much more focused on disability rights, community participation, self-determination, emerging post-secondary educational opportunities for students with significant disabilities, and inclusive extra-curricular and service learning activities. As we know that increasingly new teachers of students with significant disabilities have themselves been a peer tutor or peer buddy in high school, we have greatly expanded our Careers Module, with exciting links to career opportunities directly in line with Kentucky’s emphasis on College and Career Readiness.
  3. An elimination of Module quizzes, and in their place, more reflective writing assignments that ask peer tutors/peer buddies to reflect on what they are learning, and to synthesize and apply their knowledge in creative ways.
  4. Also included in these assignments are “real-life” applications and projects to be done under the supervision of a teacher (e.g., helping to think of supports for a peer with significant disabilities to participate in a general education activity, jointly planning and developing an inclusive service learning activity).
  5. An opportunity to post on this website (with appropriately signed permissions that are contained in the Special Education Forms tab on the website) examples of peers working together, including essays and photos from your own program.
  6. Most importantly, there is a shifting focus from the notion of tutor (one who teaches another) to peer buddy (a student without disabilities who supports a student with significant disabilities in activities in which both students are learning together). You will see this shift in philosophy emphasized throughout all of the modules and activities.